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Nozzle manufacturer currently used:

Location of nozzle orientation on lance:

Nozzle orifice plate and Material type:

Nozzle type / model presently used:

Nozzle core or swirl plate no. and Material type:

Nozzle operating pressure, in PSI:

Rated flow and spray angle:
Pipe size connection:
Weld detail & pipe schedule size:
No. of nozzles:

Are check valves run or nozzles?

How many spray driers do you have in total?

Pressure pipe / welding standards used?

Average wear life:

Check valve type:

Please list all orifice swirl combinations used

Feed Material Data

Substance being sprayed:

Specific gravity (or density):

Flow rate of feed material:

Feed temperature:

Typical spray dry run duration in hours:

If dairy powder please advise type ie:
whole milk, skim milk, if – any additives %, lactose, permeate

Average run duration time:

Acidic or Alkaline (pH)

% Solids:

Viscosity @ feed temperature:


Dryer manufacturer:
Air flow, concurrent or countercurrent:
Inlet air temp:
Outlet air temp:
Hot air volume (SCFM)
Pump manufacturer:
Maximum diameter of nozzle tube on air disperser:
Dryer diameter:
Maximum pump pressure:
Operating pressure:

The Dry Product

% Moisture:
Pounds per hour:
Attach photograph or drawing:


Hardware and accessories maintenance

Your nozzle parts are precision high pressure components. Their proper use, care and maintenance is critical for safe, reliable and efficient operation. To assist operators, we offer durable laminated SOP guide sets which can be displayed in your work area.

Taking care of your CLICK&DRY™ equipment will help deliver significant reduction in damage, increase safety and assist in trouble free operation.

As well as our Soft Handling Baskets we offer Soft Handling Boards to reduce damage and increase product life.

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