Spray Nozzle Engineering gained Patent in China for their Spray Dry Nozzles and Check Valve Technology

Australian and New Zealand based Spray Nozzle Engineering continues expanding its technology, with the awarding of its first Chinese patent relating to spray dry nozzle and check valve innovation.

Stuart Morgan, food & beverage technical manager explains:

“Spray Nozzle Engineering’s export is growing thanks to our new innovation from over a decade of product development. our spray dry nozzles and check valve systems, Click&Dry™ used in high-pressure spray drying plants for powder production, have introduced many patented world’s first innovations for this field. Click&Dry™’s major improvements include safety sealing and thread designs that ensure code compliance and explosion risk reduction in plants worldwide. Recent patents include our latest hygienic internal nozzle cap designs for infant formula production. These caps have smooth chamber allowing easy access for cleaning, making them the most hygienic caps in the market. Our hygienic cap and concentric wear part designs are also leading to major cost reduction technology for powder production equipment. We introduced the optional check valve called Drip-Pro™, which holds many patents and unique design features in itself. The Drip-Pro™, check valve is now used by many of the world’s largest dairy companies.”

“We are most excited about gaining the latest patent in China after gaining many patents from North America, Europe to Australia – New Zealand. This compliments the work we are doing in Asia, with some of Asia’s largest dairy companies, it has allowed us to introduce this world leading spray drying nozzle technology, Click&Dry™, to a growing market.”

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