When we are not on call 24/7 to help our worldwide spray drying customers, our team members’ are keeping touch with some even “tougher customers” on their downtime! Stuart Morgan International & OEM Sales Manager for the spray dry nozzle team, recently spent a well-earned Christmas break, back on the family farm in the Southern Hemispheres’ very warm Christmas –New Year “No snowman making here !”

Getting back home for Christmas to my dairy & beef roots and helping my folks out on the family farm is hard work but a different type of relaxing hard work he said. I had to laugh I had a phone call from a customer while I was carting hay in an air-conditioned tractor. It was a little noisy and I had the music going and he asked me if I was at a Christmas party? I said yeah and I’m surrounded by 180 hungry girls dressed in black and white! It was then I told him they were cows and the cd player volume was stuck halfway… anyway, I was able to help him which was the most important thing! Just goes to show, mobile coverage on the side of a hill in good old “Down Under Land” in the middle of nowhere.. the things we do for our customers.

Stuart is part of the International technical sales team for Click&Dry™ spray dry and spraying solutions at Spray Nozzle Engineering Ltd and wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year.