The Problem

The problems traditional spray dry nozzle designs have:

The Solution

Click&Dry™ state-of-the-art design solutions:

Overlooking hygiene and clean-ease designs

Spray Dry plants today are not only venturing into new markets that demand a higher level of hygiene, but must remain competitive by utilising their time more effectively.

Cleaning the current standard of spray nozzles is difficult due to the conventional cap chamber design.

Hygiene and clean easy nozzle

Caps designed to be easy to clean, and produce higher hygienic results. With smooth internal profile, the spray dry industry can now reach the new level of hygiene with increased ease.

New Click&Dry Smooth bore design improves cleaning and hygiene

Hygiene and clean easy nozzle

Wear part misalignment and detrimental wear part disassembly

Old spray dry nozzle systems have not advanced to meet the rigours of spray drier technology itself to accommodate the frequent disassembly of parts, excessive radial clearances were required.

Inconsistent spray performance, pressure loss and decreased wear part life

Concentric clasp technology increases spray performance and wear part life

Click&Dry™ patented clasp technology has removed direct press wear part extraction when removing fouled parts.

Click&Dry™ doesn’t direct press contact with carbide parts for wear part removal. This equates to massive operational cost saving.

Uniform spray pattern across all lance sets will achieve: Better performance, powder consistency and increased wear part life.

Concentric clasp technology

Yield stress failure

In many driers today, much of the nozzle hardware in use is of an age that far exceeds its recommended fatigue cycles and exist in a worn condition, which heightens risk of failure.
Yield stress failure

Designed with safety factors

The Click&Dry™ Nozzle system is a fully compliant design meeting ASME B31.3 pressure stress requirements.

New Click&Dry Smooth bore design improves cleaning and hygiene.

Designed with safety factors

Radial o-ring tear due to tensile seal drag

Old style radial seal system can suffer from assembly O-ring seal drag and tearing compromising critical sealing. A major cause of radial cap leakage.

Radial o-ring tear

New spray dry axial seal arrangement

Axial compressive seal is designed for pressures well above typical dryer operating pressures according to O-ring standards.
axial seal arrangement

Product build up and bearding

Build up or bearding may be due to:
– Drier configuration
– The use of wider spray angles
– Powder formulation

This needs to be managed to reduce opportunity for fire risk.

Product build up and bearding

No more O-ring groove within the cap

With the Seal-In-Disc™ orifice system, the need for an O-ring groove within the cap is eliminated. This provides a lower outer face profile greatly reducing bearding or build up and improves cleaning and hygiene.
No more O-ring groove

Scorched particle contamination

Nozzle drips which results in scorched particle deposits at the fluid bed, compromising the quality of the powder.
Scorched particle contamination

Check Valve Drip Pro™

The Drip-Pro™ Hi-Flo design has the least amount of parts for easier cleaning, maintenance while achieving higher productivity, higher flow rates and extra long run times.
Gen 9 Check Valve

Nozzle Leakage

Regular nozzle wear parts and other components can easily be installed upside down, or can become dislodged and misaligned during tightening. Most current nozzle systems in use require a great deal of assembly skill and the risk of misalignment of components is high, which can result in leakage.

Easy assembly logic

Pre-assembly technology allows pre-testing start-up without any internal component movement, which means positive testing.
Click&Dry™ can only be assembled one way, the right way.
Easy assembly logic

Thread damage

Ordinary thread systems are too fine to resist normal impact damage. The resultant damage compromises assembly and sealing integrity thus leading to leakage.

Thread damage

Heavy duty female thread ed lance fittings

Click&Dry™ has heavy duty threads with heavily concealed sealing surfaces which are highly resistant to normal impact damage during lance handling.
Heavy duty female thread​ed

Nozzle seal face damage

Exposed nozzle hardware sealing surfaces are frequently subject to impact during handling, such impact damage can compromise sealing quality and cause failure.  In addition seal face galling (binding) is a problem found on many nozzle systems frequently require expensive welding or replacement of nozzle bodies due to this excessive seal face damage.
Nozzle seal face damage

Sealing face skirts on the body and cap

Click&Dry™ sealing face skirts are designed to reduce direct impact damage and to protect the no gap axial sealing system.
Sealing face skirts

10 Things You Must Know About Spray Dry Nozzle Design Standards & Compliance

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