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Compact Push-fit Easy-out CCT Clasp with Drip-Pro™ Check Valve

Upgrade to the Easy-out CCT clasp assembly to enjoy all Push Fit retainer’s benefits plus total wear part concentricity.

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Features Benefits
Easy-Out CCT clasp assembly Perfect wear part alignment ensures consistent spray quality and improve wear part life.
Easy-Out CCT clasp removal access designed to work with Click&Dry™ removal tools to minimise damage and improves wear part life.
Smooth cap chamber Easy clean and high strength
Large anti-galling threads Prevent thread galling and lance damage. Easy clean
Full axial compressive seal system Improve pressure sealing to reduce leakage
Come with Seal-In-Disc™ and Hi-flo swirl Improve strength and nozzle performance
Seal retention Prevent o-ring movement for leakage protection
[Optional] Drip-Pro™ check valve Prevent -ring movement for leakage protection
Replaceable valve seals Choose from PTFE/Durocon replaceable seals to suit your sealing needs
Heavy duty Robust and easy clean design
Open-port design Superior run times with reduced pressure loss


Compact Push Fit Easy-Out CCT Clasp Standard Body Short Cap Spray Dry Nozzle with Check Valve

Compact Push Fit Easy-Out CCT Clasp Standard Body Short Cap with Check Valve Specifications



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