Specialist In Spray Dry Nozzles

Spray Nozzle Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial spray technology. With offices in New Zealand, Australia and distributors worldwide, the company assists OEMs and factories around the world with cutting-edge spray technology that increases productivity and powder quality.

With over two decades of experience working with plants in the food, beverage and other industries, Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a customer-focused service, providing training, 24/7 support and a complete range of low impact tools that give customers the product confidence they need.

The company develops engineered product solutions that focus on safety, hygiene, cost reduction and productivity.


About Click&DRYTM

Click&Dry is the world’s finest nozzle innovation that has revolutionised the powder production field.

The Spray Nozzle Engineering team has developed, over two decades,  a cutting-edge nozzle design that addresses the most common problems in plants worldwide.

Click&Dry technology dramatically:

  • reduces nozzle build-up and achieves longer run times
  • improves powder quality by reducing scorched particles
  • increases hygiene with easy to clean cap internals
  • offers longer wear part life and eliminates breakages^
  • saves you money and reduces operating costs up to 60%.

The Click&Dry design makes safety and pressure integrity part of its number one design priority. Click&Dry was developed to function within a range of operational safety factors that far exceed that of current competitive equipment in the field, with unique high-pressure axial seals, as well as a design that resists the normal types of observed wear characteristics of older style nozzles.

Click&Dry components are designed around important pressure-related standards, such as ASME B31.3. These standards are dedicated to the safe operation of pressure systems and provide safety margins that exceed those in current use based on the yield stress and other important factors.

Our Core Values

Training & Support

The most dedicated and experienced support team to assist you with all your nozzle requirements.

Nozzle parts are precision high-pressure components. Their proper use, care and maintenance is critical for safe, reliable and efficient operation.

To assist operators, Spray Nozzle Engineering provides one-on-one training, assembly and disassembly videos, and printed guides such as ‘Standard Operating Procedure – SOP’ that can be displayed in working areas.

Taking care of Click&Dry equipment significantly increases safety and assists in trouble-free operation.