Drip-Pro™ Check Valve

A smarter approach to reduce scorched particles and increase milk powder quality.

CND_91101-12 Technology Drip-Pro Check Valve

The best way to prevent scorched particles, deposits at the fluid bed and post-shut dripping – that all compromise the quality of the milk powder.

The Drip-Pro check valve functions reliably within the milk fluid path and any difficult service conditions encountered.

The Drip-Pro is designed for high solids, viscous products, such as nutritional and others, where extra long run times without blockage is required.

Integrated New Drip-Pro™

Springs clip in action keeps all parts contained in nozzle body during swirl and disc changes while keeping valve components concentric for reliable action (parts are only separated during disassembly). Its new high flow design delivers extra long run time compared to previous designs and is easily removed for cleaning. This ‘open-port’ design can be run on all dryer types.