Discover the problems traditional spray dry nozzle designs have and the solutions that Click&Dry™ state-of-the-art design offers

  • Improve powder quality by reducing scorched particles

  • Reduce nozzle build-up & achieve longer run times

  • Increase hygiene with easy to clean cap internals

  • Reduce nozzle leakage & fire risk

  • Offers longer wear part life & eliminates breakages

  • Save money & reduce operating costs by up to 60%

  • Reduce expensive maintenance & improve reliability

  • Improve plant profit all day – everyday!

“The proof is in the powder.”

Proof is in the powder

Product Range

No matter what your dryer type, spray lance length or operating pressures, we have your solution

Compact Series

All of the benefits & solutions without compromise


A smart spray nozzle design for improved powder quality, hygiene, the reduced build-up (bearding) and greater plant profit. CLICK&DRY™ spray dry nozzles are a patented design for all dryer and lance types reducing wear and operating costs.

Retro-fit Series

Start with CLICK&DRY™ screw-on caps without welding


Begin with the CLICK&DRY™ advantage today without lance welding. The Lance Retro-fit Series is ideal for taking advantage of some key CLICK&DRY™ patented benefits without re-welding your lances. The CLICK&DRY™ single replacement screw-on cap will…

Drip-Pro™ Check Valve

A Smarter Approach To Reduce Scorched Particles


Add Drip-Pro™ check valve to reduce scorched particle for longer run times.

Click&Dry™ Tools and Accessories

Increasing Productivity & Saving Money


Click&Dry™ Compact nozzles provide all of the pressure compliance benefits in a smaller and lighter package.

Click&Dry™ RB

Introducing “RB” reduced build-up nozzle system

Our latest technology release from our proven low-profile cap range is our continued development of reduced product build-up & bearding formation on the cap face during spray dry operation, particularly when drying difficult products such as nutritional powder.



Click&Dry™ increases your powder quality with our unique advances in consistency, hygiene and build-up reduction.


To make quality powder, you need a nozzle system designed for maximum drip reduction and easy cleanability.


Other nozzles systems are made to be disposable, while our CLICK&DRY™ system is built to last, significantly improving reliability.


With our advancements in consistency, assembly logic and wear part life, you’ll easily see the results in your plant’s profits.

Available Worldwide

Click&Dry™ spray dry nozzles are used in all dryer and powder types worldwide