But traditional spray drying nozzles make it challenging to maintain high food hygiene standards because they’re so tough to clean properly. The O-ring grooves inside the nozzle cap of conventional nozzles are difficult to access and can pose a real hygiene problem when contaminants gather and build up in corners and other places that are tricky to reach. While the build-up inside a nozzle cap is a problem in itself, the fact that it’s so difficult to access for cleaning makes this a two-fold problem.

Those out-of-reach corners in conventional spray nozzles lengthen the cleaning process and turn it into a more extensive – and expensive – operation. And if routine cleaning misses any contaminants lurking in the unreachable corners of your nozzle, you’re likely to develop hygiene issues that will potentially affect more than your spray nozzles themselves.


Traditional spray dry nozzle components often also suffer damage during operation and cleaning, with burnt liquid build-up occurring inside the nozzle cap, at the outer edges of the cap, or near the threads. To solve many of these dry powder sprayer problems we need to make nozzle cleaning easier and increase hygiene levels during dairy plant operation and maintenance. It’s a win-win system that transforms spray drying equipment and production in multifaceted ways. Rinsing and cleaning after long product run become faster and simpler.

Not all spray nozzles are the same and, simply put, some don’t measure up to code or operational requirements. It may be that your current nozzles are difficult to assemble and strip, or they might have internal and external design features that inhibit quality powder production. Or they may produce unwanted residue and build-up, and if used in sticky, viscous or high-fat concentrates, there could be product contamination as well.

It’s a fact that what spray drying plants need are nozzles that do not contain hidden O-ring grooves. Instead, plants and OEMs need a concentric clasp technology that includes an easy-to-clean large thread system.

After more than 10 years of research into commercial spray dryer technology, Spray Nozzle Engineering has produced a superior product that ticks all the necessary boxes – including hygiene. It offers the safest, easiest to disassemble, clean and reassemble spray nozzle systems in existence.



CLICK&DRY is a spray dry nozzle designed and manufactured by Spray Nozzle Engineering. The Spray Dry Nozzle System features a ‘smooth cap technology’ that eliminates the dilemmas associated with cleaning traditional spray nozzles. It solves many of these dry powder sprayer problems by making nozzle cleaning easier, thus increasing hygiene levels during dairy plant operation and maintenance.

These state-of-the-art technologies have revolutionised spray drying equipment in significant ways. The end results are dramatically improved hygiene standards and ease of cleaning, which increases product quality while lowering maintenance costs for spray dryer plants.

Another hygiene benefit of the Click&Dry system is that there’s no need to use chemical anti-seize or thread lubricants in the spray nozzles. Click&Dry has an axial seal system, which means no chemical assistance is needed for them to function optimally, and the risk of contaminants being introduced into milk powders, infant formulas and pharma-grade powders is zero.

If you’d like more information about Click&Dry nozzles or solutions please contact our team of engineers and they will get back to you with professional advice.

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Posted by Spray Nozzle Engineering Editor