Nozzles cut costs while improving quality

The latest spray dry nozzle release from Spray Nozzle Engineering called Click&Dry™ now has the latest innovations in 40 years of high-pressure spray drying with nozzles.

The company’s international food & beverage sales manager Stuart Morgan says its design credo is to develop one new innovation each year. “And 2018 is no exception,” Morgan says, “with our design teams’ focus on nozzle hygiene and long-life wear parts for cost reduction.”

As a global supplier, Morgan says customers’ needs are many and varied, but what is common to all is safety, hygiene, operational quality and cost reduction aspects. “The latest in the Click&Dry™ Compact Hygiene and Hygiene-Plus series of spray dry nozzles has achieved and exceeded all these industry needs,” he says. With market-leading design introduced by SNE more than a decade ago in safety compliance and material threads resisting damage that comes with a world-first four-year hardware replacement warranty on select models, Spray Nozzle Engineering has released its smooth and ultra-smooth internal cap chamber patented design called ‘Hygiene Plus’ and its unique CCT or Concentric Clasp Technology, in addition to its globally proven PF (or Push-Fit Easy-Out wear part retention system).

“A common major requirement of powder producers and OEMs alike is the ability to improve hygiene, quality and to reduce operating costs,” Morgan says. “Our new series of Click&Dry™ Compact nozzles is totally smooth in the fluid zone, making it easy to clean and allow longer run times. However, added to this is our wear system incorporating Seal-In–Disc™ orifice technology that removes the o-ring groove and threads from the fluid zone, but delivered via familiar and proven swirl and orifice geometries.

“Added to this we can offer our optional CCT or concentric clasp technology that not only holds wear parts in perfect alignment for better spray performance and reduced wear rates of vital internal spray components but also allows safer and easier assembly and disassembly by all operator. That’s why we call it the easy out system – no more premature wear part damage or breakage or misalignment, a major cost-saving – more than halving seasonal wear part use.”

Morgan says the company’s new product development is in close association with dryer operators and powder technologists/managers worldwide. This included the design of dedicated wear part removal tools to improve plant safety, reduce time and costly parts breakages. “This also leads to SNE’s industry-first two-year free wear part replacement guarantee on select models. Innovative designs such as the high flow drip-pro non-drip check valve system with replaceable sealing faces, and the now standard, low-bearding range of long-run nozzle caps are also key features. “These are all now part of the world-wide standard Click&Dry™ spray dry nozzle range by Spray Nozzle Engineering. Refer to spray dry safety Guarantee T&C for more details.

This article first appeared on NZ Food Tech Feb Issue.