Latest Click&Dry™ Spray Dry Nozzle – Cuts Operating Costs by Half!

“Stuart Morgan from spray nozzle engineering talks about their cost reduction work in dairy powder nozzle dryers”

As a consequence of increasing hygiene through the fluid path of our latest hygiene plus+ series of Click&Dry™ spray dry nozzles, via new non-threaded wear part clasp systems, that improve internal nozzle wear part assembly concentricity; our long-term trials revealed a major extra cost reduction ROI.

“The latest hygiene plus+ system Click&Dry™ spray dry nozzle uses both an entry-level retainer similar to existing market conventions, but also the option of CCT or concentric clasp technology. CCT holds all internal metering wear parts, i.e. the swirl and orifice disc, in total concentricity within the new totally smooth fluid path nozzle cap.

The result was twofold: firstly, the CCT clasp acted like a cartridge assembly unit, not only making the nozzle safer and simpler to assemble, but more importantly, in extracting the parts after product runs long or short, using the Click&Dry™ tool system provided, parts could be removed without force and as a direct result, without premature breakage of vital metering components, that are directly  related to powder quality outcomes; a major cost saving in wear part consumables.

The other major cost-reducing benefit found as a result of the CCT clasp technology in the Click&Dry™ hygiene series, was that by creating internal concentricity of part alignment, along with direct alignment of both the swirl to the flow path and the outlet orifice with the outlet of the nozzle cap, laminar flows were improved, off centre wear rates were reduced and better long term operational life was observed. Depending on the product type, operating pressure and run times, wear rates on vital consumable components showed reductions from 28% to 50% in many applications when using the CCT and relevant SNE swirl & orifice systems, again a major operating cost reduction to dryers.

One other interesting fact in overall cost reduction and seasonal operating costs, has been the reduction in the need to cut off and reweld to expensive codes, the high-pressure spray lance nozzle bodies, due to both impact damage and fine thread form cross threading; Stuart explains: “The latest material used our low thread galling materials and the new stronger easy clean thread forms (that now come with a free replacement two year warranty, means that dryer operators do not have be continually sending lances off for expensive seasonal welding repair, or the worry of transferring thread damage to other nozzles or lances, another major expense elimination to operators”

Spray Nozzle Engineering now has retrofit no-weld conversion caps for standard old-style nozzles and easy fit weld bodies for new dryers and conversions, making it the safest, lowest cost investment in spray dry nozzle technology today.