Join us to save a Kiwi icon

Spray Nozzle Engineering is proud of its export achievements in the field of spray dry nozzle technology to the world, from our home in Waikato, New Zealand.
But there is another group of Kiwi’s that we are also proud to support and that’s Kiwis for Kiwi. A group of people dedicated to the protection and preservation of New Zealand’s national symbol and name sake, the Kiwi.

Did you know, that “an average of 27 Kiwis are killed by predators every week. That’s a population decline of around 1,400 Kiwi every year (or 2%). At this rate, Kiwi may disappear from the mainland in our lifetime.” So we knew we had to help!

As we come to the end of Save Kiwi Month, why not help out too, as every little bit helps. So, what can we do to help Kiwi? Well you can get that great Kiwi feeling from anywhere around the world, by donating, on the Kiwis for Kiwi website.

We would like to thank Paul O’Shea and all the team and volunteers at Kiwis for Kiwi that make this vital conservation work possible. We are so pleased that a percentage of sales from our own little Kiwi product called Click&Dry™, can go to such an awesome cause.

For more information about Kiwis for Kiwi visit: